REASON REFILL PACK 2011 (18.09gb)

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Reason REFiLL Pack | 18.09
This is just a pack i made for all us who wanna gather a good collection.Enjoy!
-Miroslav Philharmonik
-Abbey Road Keyboards
-Abbey Road Samples 1-3 (16bit)
-Chemical Synths Refills 1-2
-Exode Massive Synthesis_0.99b
-Film Orchestra
-Soul School & Soul School Keys
-Reason Electric Bass Samples 1-2 (24bit)
-Reason Pianos (both 16 & 24bit!)
-ZeroG Dr.Rex Loops
-The Waldorf Edt.
-Voices of the Apocalypse ? Womens Choir
All compatible with your favorite DAW/DAE!
(Miroslav is something I threw in that isnt a refill, its a Standalone OR Virtual Instrument which can be loaded into ProTools/Cubase/Logic.. etc.. Compatible with any industry standard DAW!)